Oct 10, 2020

1& Exercise If you are a child, where do you want your mother or father to take …

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1️⃣Pre-Listening Train
If you’re a toddler, the place would you like your mom or father to take you on their break day (e.g., amusement park, zoo, swimming pool, a park, and so forth.)?

2️⃣Listening Train
The younger woman desires to go to ___.
◽to the park
◽to the flicks
◽to the swimming pool
Who’s going with them?
◽the woman’s mom
◽the woman’s finest pal
◽the woman’s older brother
What time does the exercise begin?
◽2:15 p.m.
◽2:30 p.m.
◽2:45 p.m.
What does the woman wish to do later?
◽She desires to stroll to the ice cream retailer
◽She desires to swim on the park.
◽She desires to go right down to the seaside.
What does the daddy wish to do on the finish of the day?
◽go to a restaurant
◽watch a fireworks show
◽play a board sport

3️⃣Put up-Listening Train
Household leisure could be a approach to enhance household relationships.
Share your ideas and experiences on the next subjects with a companion:

◽What issues did you do along with your loved ones whenever you have been rising up?
◽Do you continue to do any of this stuff at present?

Households generally go to an amusement park like Disneyland or one thing smaller for enjoyable. Select or create a rustic or place you wish to go to and reply these questions:

What’s the identify of the amusement park?
The place is it positioned?
What are the hours?
How a lot does a ticket price to get in?
Are there any reductions for kids or seniors?
What are the person points of interest of the park?


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