Jan 27, 2020

4 Learning Spanish Jokes to Help You Learn How to Speak Spanish

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Right now, I’m going to inform you Four hilarious studying Spanish jokes or "chistes" or "bromas" (jokes) that can assist you discover ways to communicate Spanish. All 4 of those jokes will provide help to study Spanish by mentioning widespread errors Spanish language learners commit.

1. Did you hear the one the place the Gringo lawyer was vacationing in Mexico and a Mexican requested him what did he research when he was a pupil and he replied: "Yo estudié derecha."

And the Mexican replied "Y nunca la izquierda?" (and by no means the left?)

In Spanish, "derecho" means "legislation." However "derecha" means "proper" as in "left or proper."

2. Did you hear the one the place the Gringo was in a restaurant in Argentina and after consuming his steak he mentioned to the waiter "El cuento por favor."

And the waiter responded "Había una vez …"
(As soon as upon a time …)

In Spanish, "la cuenta" means "the invoice." However "el cuento" means the story, the story, the fairy story, and so on.

3. The identical Gringo within the Argentinian restaurant then mentioned to the waiter, "Me gustó la comida. Who's going vaca aca? Comen pasta?"

The waiter then responded "No, allow us to vacate this with out having to go along with espaghetti."
(No, the cows right here don't prefer to eat spaghetti.)

In Spanish, "el pasto" means "the grass." However "la pasta" means "the pasta" as in fettuccini,
linguine, spaghetti. and so on.

4. Did you hear the one the place the Gringo in Colombia referred to as his date on a mobile phone to inform her that he was misplaced as a result of he had taken the flawed bus and it was going to be a short time longer earlier than he arrived. So to verify she didn't depart earlier than he arrived, over the cellphone he tells her:

"Espera una rata" And he or she yelled "Para nada! Yo odio los roedores." (No approach! I hate rodents!)

In Spanish, "un rato" means "a short time." However "una rata" means "a rat" as in a rodent.

O.Okay. I admit it. As you in all probability already suspected, the final one was not a joke however an embarrassing expertise that truly occurred to me proper right here in Colombia throughout my very first journey right here.

The primary time I ever got here to Colombia, I made that mistake when speaking to a date over the telephone and I confused "un rato" (a short time) with "una rata" (a rat).

I hope you loved these 4 "chistes" or "bromas" (jokes).

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