Jan 29, 2020

Learn Common Colors in Spanish

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An effective way to spice up your Spanish vocabulary is to be taught the colours in Spanish. Sooner or later you will have them and it additionally provides you a unbelievable begin to studying adjectives and even some primary Spanish grammar alongside the way in which.

Identical to in any language, there are a number of colours that you will want to be taught. We’ll begin right here with the fundamentals and observe that with a short grammar lesson to aide in your studying course of.

Clean = white

negro = black

rojo = pink

azul = blue

verde = inexperienced

amarillo = yellow

anaranajado / naranja = orange

morado = purple

marrón / café = brown

pink = pink

pig = grey

Gender and the way it works with colours in Spanish

In Spanish, nouns are masculine or female. So anytime you employ an adjective to explain an object or an individual, corresponding to a colour, it should correspond with the gender of the noun or the pronoun that it’s modifying.

For instance:

I’ve a yellow ball = Tengo una pelota roja (ball is female, due to this fact rojo turns into roja)

I’ve a yellow ebook = Tengo un libro amarillo (ebook is masculine, due to this fact, amarillo stays within the maculine format)

Generally, phrases ending in a are female and phrases ending in o are masculine.

Virtually all the time, in Spanish, colours come after the nouns they describe.

A black cat = un gato negro

A white canine = un perro blanco

An exception can be if the colour is describing an inherent high quality, it could go within the entrance.

The blue sky = el cielo azul

The orange home = la casa anaranjada

Did you discover that casa is female? Anaranjado now turns into anaranjada.

Some colours don’t change with gender, corresponding to: azul, marron, pink, gris and verde.

Singular and Plural additionally has particular guidelines very similar to the gender types of colours. In Spanish the singular and plural varieties additionally change based on the nouns they modify.

For instance:

The black cats = los gatos negros

The white canines = los perros blancos

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